Apex’s Integrated Services

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Apex Integrated Services is your source of integrated supply solutions. Our goal is to increase efficiency and effectiveness of your facility by optimizing all processes related to the acquisition, management, and handling of indirect materials.

We understand how challenging it is to provide sufficient attention to indirect materials. Indirect materials consist of roughly 10 percent of your material purchases. However, this translates to over 70 percent of your procurement activity. Integrated supply allows you to have complete control of your indirect materials to increase focus on your manufacturing process.

Why Choose Apex for Integrated Supply Solutions?

Apex is capable of designing a solution tailored to your facility,  lowering the total cost for your indirect materials. We make it easy to seamlessly transition with implementation and operations teams across the country, while reducing cost, improving asset management and increasing productivity.

How Does the Partnership with Apex Industrial Work

  • Apex Industrial eliminates the middlemen, associated costs, and mark-ups commonly associated with partnership deals. When you choose a partnership with Apex, we own the entire supply chain and provide a 99% fill rate for critical spares and a 95% fill rate for regular MRO items. We offer onboarding, training, and support to seamlessly integrate employees into the Apex family. Apex Industrial is a multi-line distributor for industry-leading manufactured parts. We won’t blame the distributor for delays, because we are the distributor! We also guarantee that we won’t double mark-up items.
  • Here at Apex, we listen to our customers. When you are successful, we are successful. We welcome a performance-based agreement and Apex Corporate is available 24/7 for customer support. Apex’s skilled employees tailor solutions to fit the unique needs of each customer. We understand that no two customers are identical. Therefore, we adapt to you and we will change as your needs change.
  • Apex also provides training to continuously improve your ability to deliver. We offer World-Class Maintenance Training to improve the skills of long-term employees and make them better!
  • Apex offers better results including customized plans, on-hand inventory rationalization, consigned billing, onsite services, and industry-leading software. We also maintain our own storerooms. Our years of experience and best practices will enhance your effectiveness and efficiency. Local support with access to extended inventory and scalability support are also available to you, as you expand to new locations.
  • Apex Industrial is synonymous with competitive pricing with annual price reviews. We offer volume pricing discounts, favorable payment terms and the ability to lock in guaranteed savings. We deliver vendor maintained inventory and reducing carrying costs. Apex also offers up-time, with 99% onsite critical parts and expedited access to the 1%, ensuring optimal up-time. Apex has multiple onsite vending options and industrial repair services available.

Apex is Multi-faceted

Apex serves as both provider and distributor for integrated supply solutions. We give our clients direct access to hundreds of manufacturers that drive cost out of the supply chain. Our on-site specialists increase productivity and innovation by helping offset material cost increases, and improve the bottom line and the processes required to make the product.